Kidney Microvasculature Visualizaton

Expanding the possibilities of human health through tissue engineering.

Living tissues created in 3D mimic biological function and can be used in therapeutic development. The Externalized Immune System (EXIS™) platform represents the first use of synthetic human tissue for de novo therapeutic antibody discovery.

Human Cell

Prellis supports 3D tissue research by providing the only source of micron-scale, biocompatible, transplantable 3D tissue scaffolds.

Prellis’ Multidisciplinary Approach to Tissue Engineering

Prellis Multidisciplinary Approach
Prelllis Laser Printer

Ultra-fast high-resolution laser based bioprinting technology allows the Prellis team to build biomimetic human tissue scaffolds. 

 Interdisciplinary team work is our specialty and technical advantage in the development of living human tissues.

Evan and Alyssa in the Lab

Optical Engineering
Fastest high-resolution bioprinting in the world

Rapid generation of anatomically relevant 3D tissue models

Establish structures with dynamic profusion mimicking human vasculature

Developmental Biology
Optimize tissue function to recreate human organ physiology

Cell Biology
Cell differentiation, growth, and active tissue remodeling

Material Science
Advance & develop biomaterials for tissue growth development