Prellis Lab Technician

Our Mission

Expanding the possibilities of human health through tissue engineering.

EXIS™ Rapid Antibody Discovery

The Externalized Immune System (EXIS) antibody discovery platform mimics the human immune system in vitro. The EXIS platform can be used to generate fully human antibody libraries to virus and human protein antigens.

Prellis Lymph Node Organoid (LNO)_edited.jpg

Prellis printed lymph node organoid (LNO™)

Kidney Microvasculature

Biomimetic in vitro 3D Tissue Models

Prellis tissue scaffolds can be used for large tissue growth, disease modeling, drug/therapeutic testing, and transplantation.

Prellis Multidisciplinary Approach

Functional Tissues Physiology

Recreating human organ physiology

Cell Biology

Cell differentiation and growth

Material Science

Optimize materials for bioprinting and tissue growth

Optical Engineering

Fastest high-resolution bioprinting in the world


Rapid generation of anatomically relevant 3D tissue models


Dynamic profusion mimicking human vasculature

The Prellis Team

Our collaborative team includes experts across all fields.

Prellis team