Prellis Bio announces that it has generated 300 human antibodies that have neutralization potential against SARS-CoV-2

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We build biocompatible scaffolds at speeds 100x faster than any other technology. We leverage this technology to build bioactive, biocompatible human tissues.

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To test 3D organ and tissue growth Prellis Biologics’ developed Vascular Tissue Blanks™. They worked so well for our team that we realized others trying 3D culture could immediately benefit from our technology. 

We now ship our scaffolds to over 50 academic and pharma research labs.  Researchers use our structures to produce guaranteed large 3D organoids and to improve engraftment of tissue in transplant models.  

Real-time video from the Holograph-X printer

MAKING Complex 3D cell culture EASY


With Prellis 3D Tissue Blanks™ 3D tissue-like organoids can be produced in minutes by seeding with your desired cell type.


Human primary cells including neurons, liver, immune cells, and patient derived breast cancer cells are grown for weeks with low hypoxia and spontaneous formation of complex 3D architecture. Cell layering and co-culture has also been demonstrated. 

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Prellis Biologics, Inc. Generates 300 Human Antibodies That Bind the SARS-CoV2 Virus; Pursues Development of a Treatment and Preventative Therapy for COVID-19 Infection

Prellis Biologics Pursues Bioprinted Lymph Nodes for Production of COVID-19 Antibodies


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Marcus Muench, Ph.D.

Associate Adjunct Professor, UCSF

The [Prellis] structures are also more consistent, so less variability from that perspective too. Less variability means quicker, with less cost and more tests – to results.

Michael Jones, Ph.D.

CEO of Cell Guidance Systems

Their technology provides a radical new dimension in our ability to control cell behaviour by tightly manipulating and controlling micro-scale architecture of 3D culture.

Maria Soloveychik, Ph.D.

CEO of SyntheX

The setup is quick and consistent, and the handling is straightforward.  100% better.

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