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Externalized Immune System (EXIS™) Platform Applications


Bioprinting Technology

Prellis’ proprietary, industry-leading two-photon 3D printing technology supports large, complex tumor co-culture systems mimicking tumor microenvironments, enabling the interrogation of interactive biological systems for uniquely relevant prioritization of immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Prellis Bioprinted Scaffold
Prellis Antibodies
Prellis Antibody

Harnessing the power of the human immune system to build next generation medicines.


Prellis Biologics Appoints New CEO, Raises $35 Million in Series C Funding to Leverage Human Immune System Biology to De-Risk and Accelerate Therapeutics Drug Discovery and Development.

Lymph Node Visualization

3D printed lymph  nodes advance drug discovery and development

Prellis’ Externalized Immune System (EXIS™) platform recreates human immunobiology in vitro in the form of lymph node organoids (LNOs™). 3D printed LNOs™ allow direct access to a fully functional human immune system for antibody discovery, immunogenicity evaluation, and vaccine development.

Building Next Generation Therapeutics

Human / Camelid
Antibody Discovery
Human Immunogenicity & Human Tumor-Immune System Screening
Human Immunogenicity
Human Tumor-Immune System Screening
Next Generation 
Drug Candidate
Bi-specific Antibody
Tri-specific Antibody
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