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On the way to developing organ replacement technology Prellis Biologics’ has developed Vascular Tissue Blanks™ organoid  and 3D cell culture scaffolds. We use these to test 3D tissue development in our own lab and now provide them to researchers to improve 3D cell culture and organoid research in vitro and in transplant models.  

Vascular Tissue Blanks™ dramatically improve speed, reliability and consistency of 3D cell culture experiments, providing better results for confident decision making.

Printing in Real Time

MAKING Complex 3D cell culture EASY


With Prellis 3D Tissue Blanks™ your lab will see improved speed, reliability, consistency, ease of use and most important, better results and decision making.  

Marcus Muench, Ph.D.

Associate Adjunct Professor, UCSF

The [Prellis] structures are also more consistent, so less variability from that perspective too. Less variability means quicker, with less cost and more tests – to results.

Michael Jones, Ph.D.

CEO of Cell Guidance Systems

Their technology provides a radical new dimension in our ability to control cell behaviour by tightly manipulating and controlling micro-scale architecture of 3D culture.

Maria Soloveychik, Ph.D.

CEO of SyntheX

The setup is quick and consistent, and the handling is straightforward. There is a little pain, as in most cases, but a lot less than before. 100% better.

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CELLINK and partner Prellis Biologics awarded Merck Innovation Award

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