About us

Our Mission

Improving research everywhere by providing revolutionary biocompatible scaffolds that replicate real life cell interactions in the lab.

Who We Are

Prellis Biologics is a San Francisco based biotechnology company leading the 3D tissue and organ revolution. 


Here at Prellis Bio we have revolutionized the 3D Bioprinting industry by developing a holographic bioprinter that solves the final roadblock in building lab-grown human tissues: rapid production of oxygen-supplying blood vessels and biocompatible tissue scaffolds that match those found in human tissues. 


Our scaffolding systems can be used to culture any cell type, in large formats. Currently, are working with over 35 academic and industry groups, supporting the development of 3D tissues for transplantation and therapeutics screening in liver, kidney, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, cancer, and the immune and nervous systems.

Our Vision

Prellis Biologics is working to provide fully vascularized tissues and organs to the hundreds of millions of people who can benefit from a functional tissue replacement – which, despite decades of engineering efforts, does not yet exist.


By increasing the availability of living organ and tissue replacement options, we anticipate that this technology will have a significant positive impact on rising health care costs associated with long-term palliative care.

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