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Prellis team
Prellis team

Culture from the CEO

Organs are exquisite systems where form and function are inextricably linked. In order to solve the problem of recreating a human organ, we needed the best engineers, chemists, and cell biologists working together and speaking the same language. 


In order to achieve this, we have built a team with a singular mission: build a human organ. Our culture is driven by collaboration and guarding against silos of expertise. We work together, across traditional boundaries of a variety of fields, relying on input from all groups. Prellis is an inherently collaborative group that is team-focused and mission-driven. Together we have begun to answer questions in tissue engineering that other groups have not yet been able to ask. 


As we strive towards the first organ replacement, our tissues are now used for de novo drug discovery, and our tissue scaffolds have been shipped globally to research labs that have developed their own large 3D tissues. 


At Prellis we are striving to improve human health on a global scale. 

- Melanie Matheu, PhD

CEO & Founder

How to Apply

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