Organoid baskets are biocompatible structures that hold your precious cells in place with an oxygen permeable 3D scaffold, guaranteeing your 3D tissue culture will work every time.

Applications include long term culture, coculture, Hypoxia, Drug Treatment, mouse tumor modeling, and animal transplant.

Application Example: Animal Transplant

Vascular organoid seeding

3 weeks post-tumor transplant

in vitro vascularization of organoid scaffold


Our vascular bundle is ideal for seeding with adherent cells that require a complex tissue-like geometry for showing their true morphology. These bundles can be seeded with astrocytes, endothelial cells and other specialized cell types. 

Vascular bundles' application is to promote primary cell growth.

Over 50

branch points


1.3 mm x 2.1 mm




nooks for cell growth

3d tissue chips

The tissue chip can be seeded with cells and cultured under standard conditions to monitor 3D cell growth and interactions in a true 3D tissue, such as skin models or vascularized large-scale tumor models.

The tissue chip's main application is to promote primary cell growth.

Over 1000 vasculature & microvascular features.

Over 200 capillary sized vasculature channels 

(30 micron diameter)

Over 30 large capillaries

(100 micron diameter) 


Large format area of

4 x 4 x 1 mm

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