Build your 3D tissue culture of interest


Partner with Prellis to design custom biocompatible scaffolds for your cell’s specific needs. Review and design detailed specifications down to the micron scale with our tissue engineering development team and we will send structures to you by the dozen.

We can help replicate your tissue of interest down to 20 micron capillary-like channels. Scaffolds can be customized with numerous channels with varying inner diameters as well as any geometry your group desires. Scaffolds can be as small as 300 microns and as big as 5 mm.

Prellis' "Hyperdrive" Scaffold - coiled tube around straight inner channel with 3.26 mm² of shared wall space

Tissue Chip - RP Edit v3 copy.jpg

Prellis 3D printed tissue chip - detail

Contact us at to discuss how Prellis custom scaffolds can meet your requirements.

Reg wash-2.5X_01 - RP Edit.jpg

Previous scaffolds designed for: islet growth, in vivo transplantation, liver tissue chip, stents, microfluidics, and more.

Add in a binding protein of your choice to your scaffold to maximize cell adhesion. Currently, we use laminin, fibronectin and VEGF. 

Liver grown on tissue chip


500 μm