Holograph X  is state-of-the-art ultra-fine laser based printing designed with tissue engineering in mind.

Build your own tissue, fast. 



Our state-of-the-art technology allows for rapid 3D printing of high resolution structures that match human capillaries and the finest extracellular matrices.


The proprietary multiphoton laser system prints in biocompatible materials with up to 150,000 points of light/sec in a 3D pattern replicating a user generated structure.



Print from standard CAD designs allowing you to recreate any tissue of interest with one-micron resolution.

The bioinks used are fully oxygen- and nutrient-permeable, making it easy to grow and develop any type of tissue with the Holograph X.


Print any tissue scaffold

holox smooth.png

Drug discovery & screening

Print any high-resolution, user-designed tissue scaffold to query 3D cell development

Build and test microfluidic systems

Create transplantable tissues with one or more cell types

Rapid tumor and tissue screening

Study single-cell and multicellular organism motility in 3D

Build complex neuronal networks to observe ex vivo cell-to-cell interactions

Alter the densities of structural components to precisely control cellular development

Study rare cells

Holograph X reduces the time to test 3D tissues by 90% or more

Screen more than 500,000 cells per structure for primary immune, liver and tumor cell responses

Set up 3D tissue structures with any cell matrix and culture media rapidly and intuitively

Transplant constructed tissues for in vitro discovery testing

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