Inspired by Prellis

Jolene Lujan, Senior Software Engineer

Jolene Lujan, Prellis' Senior Cell Biologist, sits down with Tess Remick, Prellis’ Marketing Associate, to give us a bit of insight into some of her thoughts, hopes, and dreams for our company’s future.

When you first learned about Prellis Biologics and the vision of the company, what were some of your initial thoughts?

When I first learned about Prellis, I was extremely eager and excited to join the team. I wasn’t growing where I was at the time, so I was excited for this new opportunity to arrive. The team’s vision at Prellis is so grand. When I first read about it, I thought to myself, “How could they actually achieve something like this?” Now that I’m a part of it, I can see it actually happening. I’m in awe of the cutting-edge technology we use at Prellis. 

When you reflect on your team at Prellis, does anything stand out to you as being really unique?

Prellis is special because our company is extremely pro-women. The company was founded by a woman, Dr. Melanie Matheu. My direct supervisor is a woman. Working in STEM and being able to say I’m surrounded by women is such a great feeling. I’ve always looked for companies that support and empower women in STEM, and Prellis does just that.

What excites you most about the company’s future? 


I'm excited to see where this antibody and vaccine testing can lead. It's really exciting to be working on the horizon of the ‘next big thing.’ It's insane to think about what could actually happen from this company — organ donation, 3D-printed tissues, etc. So much good could come from this.