Inspired by Prellis

Jonathan Dornell, PhD, Lead Cell Biologist 

Dr. Jonathan Dornell, Prellis' Lead Cell Biologist, sits down with Tess Remick, Prellis’ Marketing Associate, to give us a bit of insight into some of his thoughts, hopes, and dreams for our company’s future.

What initially sparked your interest in tissue engineering?


When I first learned about Prellis, what really attracted me was the EXIS Platform and its ability to investigate either therapeutics or antibody discovery based on targets of interest. From a very young age, I've been attracted by the idea of what personalized medicine looks like in the future, and being able to have a platform that is able to leverage lymphocytes from individual donors and measure their immune response over time and an external system that can be scalable — I think that is a very useful tool for making personalized medicine a reality.


What would you say is unique about the team at Prellis?


It might be a cliché answer, but it's real for me — the breadth of diversity for the team and what everyone brings to the table, both in the lab and from an intellectual perspective. We have people from so many different walks of life and disciplines, both inside and outside of STEM, that I've been able to learn and engage with over the last six months, and I think that’s very valuable. I’m proud to be able to work with people who are able to share their unique insights with how that fits into their previous experiences and what they envision in the future. 


What’s your vision for the future of Prellis?


What excites me most is the role Prellis is going to play when it comes to bridging tissue engineering with the wet lab work for bringing organs to individuals. I think the work that has been done with the Holograph X and EXIS Platform is definitely exciting, but the goal is to bring that all together so that we can transplant bioengineered organs one day. Some may say it’s a moonshot, but when we're in this domain of space, what are we doing if we're not aiming for moonshot opportunities? I’m definitely excited to be able to be part of that effort and continue to grow as a research scientist in the space of immunology. 

Jonathan Dornell