vascular tissue blanks


Set up complex in vitro 3D cell culture in minutes


True-to-form capillary vasculature bundle


Over 200 fine vasculature features that allow for cell growth and development

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    Cells exist in 3D – so they don’t function well in 2D. So when it is 3D like a human, it can function more like a normal cell would...if we take a 3D organized structure into pre-clinical models we get the survival advantage... We see Prellis bringing that to us...So that Prellis can customize and provide the resolution of structures like they do, no one can do that to our knowledge.  Not to the accuracy and scale. I’m doing this for 12 years. I’m on scientific advisory boards. I know what’s out there. So I know this is the case.

Holger Russ, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado - Denver


Prellis introduces TissueWorkshop™ — create a custom tissue scaffold with just a few clicks!

Holograph X leverages high-resolution holographic stereolithography to bio print extremely small structures.

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