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Evan Brahms

Technical Specialist

Evan joined Prellis Biologics after executing multiple neuroinflammatory drug discovery studies at Stanford University. While at Stanford, Evan’s area of focus involved identifying therapeutic targets as well as characterizing the inflammatory responses and neurodegeneration post brain injury. Evan first delved into the sciences while studying Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at University of California, Davis. In his free time, you can find Evan hiking, skiing, or practicing photography.


Why did you choose to work in tissue engineering?

“At Stanford, I was working on neuroinflammatory drug discoveries, so I ran a lot of drug studies over there and then transitioned over to Prellis. Just based off of the technology that Prellis has, and the capabilities of utilizing 3D cell culture as a means to speed up research as well as further research in terms of further usage.”

How do you think that readily available tissues will change the world as we know it?

“Readily available tissues will revolutionize research in terms of how fast we’re able to execute studies. Currently, it takes a tremendous amount of time for studies to, from start to finish, especially when you have to introduce animal models, but by utilizing 3dcell culture with human tissue you’re able to speed up this process significantly.”

What inspires you about Prellis?

“What inspires me daily is I’ve always wanted to have a lasting effect in medicine, and to be able to have and potentially make a significant impact for people overall. I feel like the tech that Prellis has has the capability to do so. Also, the motivation on a daily basis is really the people that work here at Prellis. Everybody that works here is absolutely incredible and extraordinarily intelligent within their own field. The variety of people that work here, and the minds that come together to make things happen is extraordinary.”

What continues to be your favorite part about working for the company?

“The people and the environment and the attitude that everybody has makes it a lot easier and creates this environment where you really want to come in the next day and work harder and strive for those goals. Melanie and the team make it very easy for everybody to really push harder and think outside the box within their field.”

What’s your biggest strength that you contribute to the team?

“My background and skill set and knowledge within the drug discovery field adds a different dynamic to the team as well as the ability to communicate among different researchers in different fields to further and fully understand the needs of potential and current clients of Prellis so that everybody can utilize our technology to the best of their capabilities.”

When you look at the future of Prellis, what excited you most?

“The thing that excites me the most is the impact that Prellis has and the capabilities and potential impact that Prellis has on all fields within research so that we can speed up the potential for further drugs to come to market. That would be a very large component as well as how Prellis might be able to shape future companies as well for further innovations within the field.”

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