Ian Parker, PhD, FRS

Scientific Advisor

Ian Parker’s research involves the application and development of novel imaging technologies to study physiological and pathological cellular processes. He has elucidated the ubiquitous mechanism by which cells generate a hierarchy of local and global calcium signals to control essential functions; discovered how disruptions in this mechanism may underlie neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and autism; and (together with Prellis co-founder Melanie Matheu) pioneered the use of lasers for visualizing the motility and interactions of cells in the immune system. His findings are published in over 200 peer-reviewed papers, which have been cited nearly 20,000 times. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London (the National Academy of the UK and world’s oldest scientific society, including Newton, Darwin and Einstein among previous Fellows), and a Fellow of the American Academy for Advancement of Science.