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Ishan Khan, PhD

Lead Tissue Engineer

Ishan Khan earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. His research was focused in mechanical property changes of migrating brain cancer cells and computational modeling of intracellular actomyosin contraction. After his PhD he worked as a lecturer at The University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Currently at Prellis Biologics, he is working on developing flow through 3D printed tissue structures.

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What initially sparked your interest in Prellis?

“When I first learned about Prellis, I didn’t fully understand how cross-functional the company was. After speaking with Melanie and learning about the company’s mission, I was drawn in by the social angle of it. We have the ability to solve so many of the world’s issues through Prellis’ technology. To me, this place is more than just a job. If I can play a tiny role in developing an organ that could potentially save someone’s life, then that is a life worth living. That’s why I joined Prellis.”

What would you say is unique about the team at Prellis?

“I have never seen a lab with such a diverse, talented team; we have optical engineers, cell biologists, chemists. It’s as if we’re all from different planets, and we’re trying to solve a set of problems on the same team. It’s mind-blowing. The language the optical engineers use is different from the language the cell biologists use. It’s interesting, it’s exciting, and it’s challenging.”

How do you believe readily available tissues will change the world?

“The work we’re doing at Prellis is going to change the world drastically. If you think about going from a tiny replacement of a tissue to an entire liver or kidney, a patient won't have to wait for an organ donor. People are going to survive. They don't have to worry about those conditions. People won’t have to suffer just for being human.”