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Mackinley Kath

Optical Engineer

Mackinley Kath is an Optical Engineer at Prellis Biologics working on our holographic printers. She has assisted in the building and maintaining the optical systems, as well as supporting the software team in their projects. She received her B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. In her free time, Mack loves creating art, watching films, and growing plants.


When you first learned about Prellis Biologics and the vision of the company, what were some of your initial thoughts?

"When I first learned about Prellis, I was really excited about the mission, amazed by the technology and immediately wanted to contribute. Developing advanced technologies in order to ultimately print living human tissue and organs has the possibility of helping so many people who would otherwise be stuck waiting on a list for a donation really spoke to me. Part of me was excited to be a part of that mission and have the chance to make a difference and help people, and part of me was excited to learn about and contribute to the cool technology that makes it possible."

When you reflect on your team at Prellis, does anything stand out to you as being really unique?

"I think that one of the best things about the team at Prellis is how interdisciplinary we are. I'm always kept up to date on the progress and achievements that other teams outside of my own are making, and learning about how they are contributing to the greater vision of the company. It's also a really great environment where there is constant collaboration going on across a wide variety of teams, all towards driving the same goals. This cross-functional collaboration really makes working at Prellis very rewarding."

What excites you most about the company’s future?

"When I imagine the company's future, I imagine us printing tissue and organs that will be used by people everyday. I really see the possibility for us to make huge advances in the field of health and medicine. Every day we are making great strides and innovating in every area of the technology; I was so amazed by our ability to pivot when the pandemic started and dive headfirst into antibody research, as well as my team for being able to design and build a printer that far exceeds the specs of our previous printers. Whether it's the optics that my team develops, or the biology side and chemistry necessary for making a living tissue, I constantly feel us moving closer to ultimately realizing our vision of printed human tissue and other great research and innovations."

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