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Meha Patel

Research Associate II

Meha studied molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and worked in the Buttitta Lab studying the proliferation-quiescence decision of prostate cancer cells. From there, she completed a two-year fellowship at the Pierce Lab at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases investigating B cell metabolism within infectious diseases models. After her fellowship at NIAID, she attained her master’s in public health from George Washington University in the Fall of 2022 before joining Prellis Biologics on their Cell Biology Team for her first industry experience. She has a passion for cancer immunotherapies and learning more within the field of science.

Outside of lab, you can often find her volunteering with various non-profit organizations that aim to assist underserved populations and as a crisis counselor. She is relearning C++, MATLAB, R, and Python but is fairly versed in SPSS. She enjoys art, baking, and hiking but is not good at any of it.


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