Melanie Matheu, PhD

Founder, CEO

Dr. Matheu founded Prellis Biologics in October 2016 to solve the systemic problem in bioprinting technologies: the inability to match the resolution and printed feature size necessary to build a physiologic organ or tissue system. Today Prellis Biologics has achieved the fastest high resolution bioprinting ever reported by using holographic projection of multi-photon lasers and can replicate true-to-form complex tissue structures such as the human kidney nephron and liver sinusoids. Dr. Matheu is a trained Immunologist who pioneered immune cell imaging in a variety of living tissues and the characterization of immune responses that are dependent on cell motility and cell-cell interactions.

During her academic career, Dr. Matheu authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and a book chapter detailing methods and approaches for high-resolution 3D imaging in living tissues, with a focus on immune responses. In her free time Dr. Matheu can be found backcountry skiing in the winter with her german shepherd, and trail running or surfing in the summer.