Milad Khorrami, PhD

Director of Chemistry

Dr. Khorrami has a background in materials science, polymer chemistry and 3D-printing. He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering focused on fabrication of polymeric 3D micro-structures for biomedical applications and development of biomaterials and bioinks for multi-photon laser printers. He received his MS in Materials Science and Engineering worked on fabrication of conducting polymer 3D structures for organic bioelectronics. At Prellis, Milad serves as a Lead Chemist and applies his expertise to fabricate human tissue and organs with improved material properties and to generate novel bioinks.

“Building life with light means merging all the cutting-edge science and engineering including optics, materials science, biology, tissue engineering and etc to create human organs and bringing the hope to people by producing on-demand human organs and tissues.” - Milad