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Oleg Konings

Software Engineer

Oleg is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in High Performance computing, with 10 years of experience with C, C++ and MATLAB. He has over 7 years CUDA (GPU) development experience with an emphasis on image reconstruction (X-ray, CT, Ultrasound) and Monte Carlo simulations (optical/x-ray). He has worked on a wide range of projects (commercial and government) including multi year Phase II grant work for the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Department of Homeland Security. Currently Oleg works on optimization of the real time hologram generation for the Prellis Biologics printing process.


When you first learned about Prellis Biologics and the vision of the company, what were some of your initial thoughts?

"I was inspired by the vision: 3D printed organs for humans. I recognized the opportunity to contribute towards revolutionary technology. It seemed like a good way to apply my high-performance software engineering experience towards a novel technology."

When you reflect on your team at Prellis, does anything stand out to you as being really unique?

"The mix of self motivated individuals using their respective skill sets towards a common objective. Specifically the combination of chemistry, tissue engineering, optics, software and mechanical engineering."

What excites you most about the company’s future?

"I am excited to see the incremental progress of our tissue engineering, and how my contribution fits into the pipeline. Finding new ways to improve the computation of holograms so we can enable real time tissue printing from CAD models is particularly enjoyable. Knowing that my software skills may indirectly be used to help others gives meaning to my work."

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