Prellis Printing Technology: 

Our non-toxic, laser-based printing technology decouples speed from resolution, yielding not only the fastest micro-encapsulation technology in the world, but a path to produce functional human tissues.

• Printing speeds 100x to 1Mx faster than current 3D printing technologies
• Inside-out, 3D extracellular matrix deposition
• Sub-micrometer printing resolution
• 3D cell-positioning and creation of cell-based microniches
• Flexible, scalable, and reproducible production capacity

Human Tissue Engineering in the Laboratory Setting 

Our proprietary technology,  based on 3D laser lithography, overcomes the major roadblocks in human tissue engineering: speed, toxicity, and resolution. With this novel printing process our team can creates layers of extracellular matrix containing cells, at ultra-fine resolution with near instantaneous print-speeds.

3D holographic printing methods do not require cell-seeding or additional curing steps for the tissue matrix, significantly decreasing the time to tissue creation. With this proprietary technology we are currently printing cell-containing functional organoids and building microvasculature.