Multi-featured hollow-tube scaffolds provide vascular-like channels that allow for oxygen and nutrient exchange to promote non-hypoxic growth of large 3D organoids. Vascular tissue scaffolds have successfully supported the growth of over 30 different human cell types including iPSCs, astrocytes, cancer cell lines, and immune cells. Tissue scaffolds can be transplanted into animal models where our collaborators have demonstrated successful engraftment of endothelial cells and primary tumor cells. 


Bioactive proteins such as VEGF, Laminin, and Fibronectin can be incorporated into the scaffolds upon request.  Please contact us for custom ink formulations or scaffold designs. 


3D tissue scaffolds are the only commercially available, micron-scale printed, oxygen permeable vascular scaffolds printed from biocompatible, transplantable PEGDA.

Oxygen only diffuses about 250 microns in thick tissues. To support large tissue growth in vitro we have created a variety of branched vascular channels that deliver media and oxygen through hollow, permeable channels allowing for tissue growth on the multi-millimeter  to centimeter scale.


Astrocytes grown on vascular bundles for 6 days. Image: Prellis Biologics