vascular bundles

A 3D cell culture virtual jungle-gym.

The Vascular Bundle is a true-to-form capillary vasculature bundle.

A 3D cell culture virtual jungle-gym.


Vascular bundle is ideal for seeding with adherent cells that require a complex tissue-like geometry for showing their true morphology.


These bundles can be seeded with astrocytes, endothelial cells and other specialized cell types. 

    3D cell culture is a rapidly developing field with significant commercial and scientific importance. Prellis Bio’s ability to print micro-scale 3D structures, such as detailed vasculature, quickly and at reasonable cost is impressive. Their technology provides a radical new dimension in our ability to control cell behaviour by tightly manipulating and controlling micro-scale architecture of 3D culture. 

Michael Jones, PhD
Cell Guidance Systems


cell types


We have tested these bundles with HUVECs and human astrocytes for visualization of 3D growth patterns and tube formation assays.


Cells are easily seeded on these structures and cell growth can be tracked with standard microscopy techniques.

    We were using a few grow your own spheroid techniques. They required intricate setups and were not as consistent in size and morphology, complicating downstream analysis. What changes with Prellis – you just use it. The setup is quick and consistent, and the handling is straightforward. There is a little pain, as in most cases, but a lot less than before. 100% better.

Maria Soloveychik, PhD


Over 50

branch points


1.3 mm x 2.1 mm




nooks for cell growth

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