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Andrei Rusa

Research Associate II

Andrei’s background is in Integrative Physiology with a focus on Molecular Biology and a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. Andrei started his NGS experience at Thermofisher, where he worked on the V&V team as well as the Covid kit development team. He later moved to a smaller company to help optimize their antibody discovery pipeline and library sequencing. This position drew him to Prellis Bio’s intriguing technology of antibody discovery. He sees Prellis as a chance to hone his immunology knowledge and skills, and to help the company grow in the sequencing department.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball, skiing, and any outdoor activity that involves his friends or family. The future holds a lot for Andrei, but at least for now he plans on going back to school and furthering his education to become a forensic scientist.

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