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Madison McKinney

Senior Research Associate I

Madison has spent the past 6 years in an academic, and a start-up company industry setting researching the formulation and physical applications of mRNA and transposase containing lipid nanoparticles for the treatment of various rare genetic diseases for the liver, eye, and lung; as well as COVID vaccine applications. This has led to experience in a broad range of chemical and biological techniques for in vivo, in vitro, and other functional assays. Madison joined Prellis Bio to pursue her dream of tissue engineering and organoid research that she has wanted to do since she was in high school, with the goal of someday growing a transplantable kidney.

When not working in lab, Madison likes to explore the Bay area, maintain an extensive houseplant collection, and care for her cat, Basil, and her GFP expressing (!!) axolotl, Enchilada. Having recently relocated to San Francisco from Boston, Massachusetts, Madison is enjoying exploring the city, food, and culture despite the surprising amount of hills.


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